I know – you were totally into Obama four years ago – maybe five – maybe you were up close the first time he declared his candidacy, but you got tired of sharing him with a crowd – all the housewives got into him, and then those assholes at your college, the kind who were never into progressive politics but all of a sudden are totally into it.

Then – even worse – Obama stopped being a progressive. He got caught up in the bullshit. He made weird, occasionally horrible compromises. He, effectively, signed to a major. And you’re not into him anymore.

But here’s the thing – let’s say we treat Obama like the indie rock band we once loved and are so over – we still need to vote for him. In force. We need to go see his show at the big venue. Because not showing up means the other band – the other band who was NEVER indie, had no integrity to compromise – that other band could win.

 So, sure, Obama is the DecemberistsThe Black Keys. Built to Spill. But, dude, Romney is One Direction. He is contrived and designed by a group of handlers, and he does not write his own songs – he lets Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell do it for him. So in a weeks time, I don’t want to hear about how the ‘enthusiasm gap’ cost Obama the election. I’m gonna vote for the guy who at least started on an indie.

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    "So, sure, Obama is the Decemberists, The Black Keys. Built to Spill. But, dude, Romney is One Direction."
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    Obama is like Fugazi after Red Medicine. Less explosive but still very angry.
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