[Girl in ceremonial dress.] by New York Public Library on Flickr.
Ruth St. Denis in first costume for Radha.  Bust portrait. by New York Public Library on Flickr.

The Opulent Project is on fab.com this week. Go buy their stuff. Erin and Meg are geniuses.


Stefano Marchetti

This is kind of old, but; Three of Portland’s best artists: Erin Gardner of The Opulent Project and Damien Gilley photographed by Christine Taylor of Happy Playground/tumblr for the Hand-Eye Supply catalog.

The Opulent Project’s limited edition bismuth crystal jewelry. Grown on brass hearts and brooches.

Miju And You, Montreal, Canada

MARIANNE Trien Bib Statement Necklace in Grey shades, giia

The Opulent Project

Opaque  by  andbamnan