What TV shows should other people resolve to watch in 2013?

This is a long list.

I mean, if you don’t like or watch Peep Show I don’t know how we can be friends.

Sames! I’ve already been plowing through British telly over the past year on the advice of my bff who is always right about everything ever, but I didn’t realize it was set for a massive wave of US cult-statusy respect. I mean, it only makes sense. We’ve mostly lost our grip on keeping truly brilliant dark, relatable comedy on tv, and the UK is overflowing with it. So this is fabulous. 
I’ve got so much queued up but #1 rec is just as the A.V. Club says: Peep Show! (and of course all of Mitchell & Webb’s other sketch shows). Also of note, Simon Amstell’s Grandma’s House (which I am currently finishing up) because everyone can relate to being amongst their frustrating family members. Also the series Fresh Meat which I’ve just recently begun, but have already compared to being like Skins as if every character was Peep Show’s awkward Mark Corrigan. Fresh Meat is from the creators of Peep Show, so basically… it is. It has that whole Freaks & Geeksy dynamic that everyone is into now (over a decade later). 
Great stuff all around. Good to see more US tv nerds bowing to our UK entertainment lords. 

Since I am right about everything (ha), I will expand on this.
(Skipping over the triumphant return of Peep Show, because clearly that’s been covered —)
My favorite show of 2012 was Chris O’Dowd’s Moone Boy. Which is actually Irish, not British, but was produced by and aired on Sky1. Based on O’Dowd’s childhood in Boyle, there isn’t anything about it that isn’t charming.
Murdoch’s evil Sky empire was responsible for a shit ton of great content this year. Kathy Burke’s Walking and Talking (SkyAtlantic) a short series about Kath’s pre-punk youth, Julia Davis’ Hunderby (SkyAtlantic) a period piece often compared to Rebecca, dark and often bordering on gross, and no less hilarious than what you’d expect from lady-hero Davis, and Charlie Brooker’s A Touch of Cloth (Sky1) cop-drama satire among them. Every single one of these shows deserve the effort that you’d have to put in to watch them them (if you’re American, that is).
Fresh Meat continues to be one of the best shows on television. I’d say less Skins though, and as the AV Club implies, say it’s is a direct descendant of Undeclared, but so much better. I’m really glad that it’s on Hulu now and the second series that aired this year is even better than the first. Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong also had their Bad Sugar melodrama-comedy pilot air in ‘12, and that’s coming back for a full series this year. And it stars Davis, Olivia Colman (!!!) and Sharon Horgan, AND Peter Serafinowicz. (People often joke about how there are only 10 British actors, and this does often ring true, but it’s only a positive thing because you get to see people in so many different roles interacting with so many other talented people in so many different combinations. This probably gets old for people who are exposed to it 24 hours a day, but for me it is still novel.)
As sarah mentioned, Grandma’s House is wonderful, the second series definitely in my top 5 of the year. Besides for Simon Amstell and Dan Swimer’s brilliant writing, Rebecca Front and Samantha Spiro take the awkwardness to the next fucking level. (You’ve watched Amstell’s Numb on youtube already right?)
There’s a lot of obvious stuff: The Thick of It — which finished out brilliantly this year — is on Hulu, so nobody has any excuse. Then, as if God Himself had the same taste in television that I do, Peter Capaldi joined the cast of The Hour this year. Reviews in general have been rather mixed, but it is incredibly hard for me to objectively see a show starring Romola Garai, Ben Whishaw, Anna Chancellor and now Capaldi as anything but amazing.
As for American stuff, because I do attempt to watch ALL THE TV and not carry some false British-bending snobbery, the best new comedy of the past year is Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23. No, seriously. Fucking seriously. Other things are obvious, The Mindy Project, and of course Parks and Rec keeps going strong. I have avoided adding any new Pivotal American Dramas to my viewing schedule though. I just don’t have the emotional capacity as of late. And as of late means this entire past year.
I could really gush for hours about television, but I do it rather poorly and with repetitive compliments, so I’ll stop now. I’m missing so many things, but I’m sure I’ll reblog a gif of them sooner or later.

Pádraic (spelled with a c according to Martin’s yearbook) is one of my favorite characters ever.

Banjo solo!

I mean.

more of this. <3

Jessica Hynes (@jefficahoons) on Moone Boy.
new most favorite.
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