I can’t believe Richard Ayoade was on the WINNING TEAM this year. Ridiculous.

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Caroline: I feel like I know it, but I’m only going to know it when they tell me what it is.
Richard: Wow, that’s the same as not knowing. It’s all the same as not knowing!

He is so good.


Before anyone asks, this episode has not actually aired yet, this is just from the preview clip [x]

Richard Ayoade, Buzzcocks, Tuesday. So looking forward to it.

idiot1: I seen idiots playing this yeah? They don’t realize it’s not good ‘cause it’s rude, yeah?

idiot2: It’s good ‘cause it looks like it’s good, because it’s rude.”

Dan: …

Julian’s reaction shot here is basically how I feel about everything ever.


richard ayoade: can get it
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