(Also, Simon Amstell is coming back too!)



Simon is my template for being, whether I like it or not.

Some of you probably know what I’m talking about. Ahem. KHW.




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How Was Your Week: Episode 73“The Sneaker Nap”: Bobcat Goldthwait, Simon Amstell
The new episode of How Was Your Week begins with gratitude and progresses, ideally, with generosity! Consider it a gift, because we are so appreciative that the #TipSpoony campaign was such a success. Thank you, seriously, so much. First on the show is British comedian and star of Grandma’s House SIMON AMSTELL, who’s in New York doing his one-person show, Numb, and has things to tell us about cats, Peru, apples, thoughts and feelings. Also, he went on The View this week and has stories about what that was like! Simon is brilliant and you must see his show if you can.Our second guest is BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT, who is simply wonderful. He has lots to say about his new film, God Bless America, what his mom used to say about homely people in church, what it was like having a dad who did magic tricks, what the Merchant Ivory guys had to say about making a film look more expensive, whether Save the Cat’s theory of making characters suffer is a bit much, and how he would rewrite Shakes the Clown if he were to make it today. Also: how to turn into a cat, why hookers have to work harder now, how Hoop Dreams could have been better, whether I’m more like a tomato or the stuff in a oven that can only be cleaned with dangerous poisons, how money matters can be like surprise obesity, and the difference between Ruby and Rudy, both of which are, apparently, movies. This is a great show, and we made it just for you.

Can’t even handle this amazing combination of guests. LISTEN!!!


thank you

If you have any interest in stand-up comedy at all, Simon Amstell is a person you should be excited about.

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Simon Amstell - Numb (Audience warm-up) [x]

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I think I have the honor of having the first tweet that Simon Amstell has ever favorited*. I’m in preeettty all right company, so far.

*I’m assuming he just realized this was a thing. >-<

"What that was good for was like, a best of package."

Two of my most favorite people.

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If this isn’t the greatest news I’ve heard in a really long time. I’m fucking thrilled.
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